About Artemento

All displayed work done by Backo - artist based in Richmond, Virginia.

“My task is … to make you hear, to make you feel – and, above all, to make you see. That is all, and is everything.” (Joseph Conrad)

So much is said in just a few lines. I want you to communicate with my drawing. I want you to answer the questions that lines and spaces, forms and faces are asking you. Can you hear, do you feel, can you see it? And just at the moment when you think you have the answer, a new line appears and makes you think again. That is also how I have made the drawing, looking for answers and asking questions by enjoying lines and the way they tell the stories, sometimes just experiencing my feelings and my worries, my happiness. It is me thinking loudly…

When you look at my drawing you will not be seeing something fixed, it will become whatever you see in it – well true for most art. In the work of realists you may know the artist’s intention – what he may be trying to achieve and what the artist knew before even starting to paint, draw or whatever else. And it would be boring if not for the fact explained nicely by Robert Henry in The Art Spirit – “there is no one way of doing a thing no matter how simple that thing may be.”

When I draw, most of the time I do it with the need to draw as the only initial intent, but as the drawing is developing, the intentions often become more and more existent and clear. I am not as the writer who knows his story and just needs to write it down, I am more as a journalist looking for trouble around, looking for something good to write about.

So, please fill in the blanks, add some lines and colors to your imagination and continue the stories I have started…


(Member of the Laurel Art Guild - http://www.laurelartguild.org/gallery/)

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